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About Us

About Jes-Extender

Penis enlargement is what we know best. Jes-Extender was the first ever penis enlargement device to use the proven non-surgical penis traction method. Formerly plastic surgeons and doctors used it during post-op treatment after penis enhancement surgery. However, it soon became clear that the benefits were not confided to just those who had had surgery. Any man is able to naturally grow his penis naturally with this penis traction device. Find more out about Jes-Extender and what it can really do for you.

How the first penis extender was created

Over 14 years ago, a team of medical experts created a device with the intention to support the penis after surgery had been performed to enlarge or extend it. However, it became apparent very quickly that the device itself was more effective in the enlargement of the penis than the actual surgery was. The creators of Jes decided to obtain the rights to the product and the Jes-Extender story began. Within a matter of months, people learned about Jes-Extender and its abilities leaving it to quickly become something of a worldwide phenomenon.

Natural enhancement

Sexual issues can be difficult to deal with at the best of times, especially when it comes down to the size of shape of your package. Seeking professional help is always an option, however we are well aware of how embarrassing and inconvenient this can be. By discovering enough information about Jes-Extender here, we hope you can see the power you have, at home, to make a substantial difference to your size when you use one of our clinically tested Jes-Extender devices.

With many alternative options available out there when it comes to penis enhancement: pills, creams, penis pumps and surgery. If you are interested in increasing your penis size, it can be confusing to know which one is the best (and most effective) method.

According to the British journal of Urology, April 2011, ‘Penile extenders represent the only evidence based technique of penis obligation’, with over 10 years experience and being market leader in the penis enhancement market, this brand is not going to let you down. It uses the finest quality materials and is manufactured in Denmark. It’s important to consider cost as well, which is why all of our extenders come with as least a 1-year warranty, with some of the top end in the range offering a lifetime warranty.

Our promise to you

With issues as sensitive as penis enhancement one of the great things about Jes-Extender, apart from its effectiveness, is the absolute discreetness of the product, from delivery to wearing it. Not only can you guarantee discreet, plain packaged and trackable delivery at all times but wearing it can be done inconspicuously throughout your daily life too. We want this incredible change in your life to happen. Since 1995 over 500,000 men have walked away confidant and satisfied with their results after using this revolutionary device, you could do too.

For any burning questions, advice on how to use and information about Jes-Extender products our qualified and friendly customer service will be happy to answer any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to get in touch.