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Jes Extender Platinum Male Enhancement Device

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What is Jes-Extender Platinum?

This luxurious penis extender uses a well-known and clinically tested traction method to increase the length and girth of your penis naturally. Within seconds you can put it on and it can be worn discreetly throughout the day and night, at whatever time you feel most comfortable using it. This revolutionary and sought after Jes-Extender Platinum product comes with a unique platinum coating as well as various additional features, these not only add to its value but also the ability to provide you with the results you want. This incredible penis extender is the crème de la crème of the entire Jes range, due to its durability and exclusive luxurious features; providing you with results and comfort you want in style and size!

How does Jes-Extender Platinum work?

When it comes to long-term penis enlargement, the Jes-Extender Platinum offers the best Jes technology to help you achieve long-term penis enlargement. If you are truly dedicated to making your penis length and girth larger, the Jes-Extender Platinum is one product that won’t let you down. It’s designed to help and support your body’s natural ability to successfully grow, this is done by gentle, physical pressure that in turn will multiply the number of cells in your penis, this action inevitably results in an increase in size.

This one-of-a-kind Jes-Extender Platinum uses one of the most premium metals around, includes 8 extender rods to help indicate your progress and also offers a deluxe comfortable front piece for extra comfort and a peace of mind when using this penis extender.

Why buy the Jes-Extender Platinum and what parts are included in by box?

There are a vast amount of reasons why you should buy this amazing piece of kit. Some men buy the Jes-Extender Premium as a way to boost their overall penis size, sexual performance and increase their confidence in the bedroom. Others use the Jes-Extender Premium as a method to help straighten any curvature of the penis or help to overcome Peyronies Disease. Whatever your reason is, if you would like a product with a lifetime guarantee, a way to enjoy serious results and simply want to use the best materials there are, then this penis extender could be your solution.

Enjoy the Jes-Extender Platinum device in a luxurious lacquer finished case. This incredibly portable case is discreet and contains the extender along with a custom Velcro strap, single flat rubber strap, extension rod sets in 1-inch and 0.5-inch, adjustment keys and cohesive gauge. In your Jes-Extender Platinum case you will also find two protection pads and two sets of 2-inch extension rods. Simply put, this is the most advanced and sought after penis extender device in the world.

When will I see results?

In a similar way to the other Jes penis enhancement kits, the results from using this device tend to vary from individual to individual. In order to achieve best results you can from the Jes-Extender Platinum, it is recommended that you use it regularly to start seeing great improvements between three to six months. Short-term results are also possible to gain from this penis extender device, such as increased erection strength. Long-term results you can expect to achieve are a noticeable increase in penis length and girth with prolonged use.

Safe to use

In short, yes it is. The Jes-Extender Platinum uses the highest quality metal, which is also extremely durable, hence the lifetime warranty on the product. The sheer volume of extensive research and tests that have gone behind the device all indicate it to be one of the most safest, luxurious and most effective natural ways of enlarging penis size and boosting its strength, without the need for any invasive, embarrassing or dangerous surgery.

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'Easy to use with our ergonomic design' 'Comfortable to wear, any time anywhere'

How do I wear it?

The Jes-Extender Platinum is incredibly easy and user friendly to wear, even if it does look daunting initially. Three of the key components it consists of include: - base, rods and the front piece. To assemble the penis extender successfully, simply attach the base of the device to the base of your penis. Then connect the rods to match your penis length. Once these parts are in place it is then time to finally attach the front piece and comfort strap to your penis. It is now simply a case of getting into the habit of wearing the Jes-Extender Platinum regularly to start generating results.

How do I order the Jes-Extender Platinum?

It’s easy, discreet and reliable when you order at Jes-Extender Me; we offer next day delivery on all orders before 4pm on any working day as well as trackable delivery so you can ensure the safe arrival of your device at all times. Start your voyage to enlarging your penis size in the safest, easiest and most effective way, simply click on the ‘Add to Basket’ button.

* Results may vary from one individual to another.

* The ferrari of Jes Extenders. I've been using Jes extender for years now, and not only has it help my penis grow to a decent size, it has stimulated my bedroom experience. I felt i needed to splash out on this as a testament to the brand. Excellent product, excellent service, excellent results. Jes Extender thank you.

* Its simple. You get what you pay for.....RESULTS!

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