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Jes Extender Titanium Male Enhancement Device

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What is the Jes Extender Titanium?

This product is a powerful addition to the range with improved comfort features and more accessories for your comfort. Packed in a modern aluminium flight case, this variant offers you more elongation bars for accurate growth monitoring and keys to help you adjust the device easily and quickly.

When used regularly, the Titanium device will help you add inches with regular use. You don’t need any pills or topical gels to work with this device either.

What can it do for me?

With 1200g of traction, this device can offer you results that no other product can. Its traction force is strictly controlled so you can handle everything on your own. The device is clinically proven to increase both length and girth while also working on the straightness of your penis. Jes Extender Titanium is widely recommended by many physicians as a great product to use if you suffer from Peyronies Disease.

As seen on TV

It seems this ingenious traction technology has captured the attention of media and celebrities alike. Take a look to see what they are saying about the Jes-Extender.

'Easy to use with our ergonomic design' 'Comfortable to wear, any time anywhere'

For many people, the prospect of gaining an extra 24% added onto your penis length may seem unreachable. This unique traction technology has been proven to be able to achieve up to such results.

Safe to use

Using the Jes Extender Titanium is completely safe, it simply works by the simply method of cytokinesis. To ensure you can benefit to the maximum amount with this device, you need to wear it the recommended amount of time for around 6 hours a day, for at least 8 weeks. The added comfort features in this titanium version are prefect to ensure you are able to do this.

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* Results may vary from one individual to another.

* Well worth trying this. Very surprising results. My husbands in his late 40's and tried this to see if it works. He didn't believe it would and we had a bet going on, plus i wanted some excitement in our lives. To my surprise and his he saw genuine improvements in size and sex drive. If you're not sure whether to give this a try we recommend it to you. Its a great product and money well spent.


* I wouldn't normally leave a review but this product deserves it. Penis got bigger within weeks and the girth too. Don't waste your time on penis enlargement surgery. Its a waste of money with poor results. This is the real deal.

* In the first couple of weeks it was ineffective, but gradually i saw great results. 5 months down the line i'm a whole 2 inches bigger.

* Does the job. Harder and bigger member for the mrs.

* My girlfriend can't stop smiling. It put a zing back in our bedroom. Funny enough her name is actually Jess. Now i have two Jes's i my life.

* One of the things i was worried about before i bought this is would people notice it under my clothing. But its fine, it sits nicely under my trousers and there is no abnormality in the shape of the crotch area. Its been 6 weeks now, i've noticed a significant different in size but the biggest thing i noticed is the sex is much better. I can last longer and my erections are enormous. Great start, hopefully more to come.