Medical Opinions

Medical professional opinions on the Jes-Extender

Jes-Extender has been widely studied in clinics around the world by highly qualified doctors and surgeons.

The CE certification mark has been given to the Jes-Extender, which is only given to products that meet the strict standards of the European Union.

It is classified as a type 1 Medical Device, to assure you that your product is of high quality, effective and safe to use. Combined together, these features ensure your Jes-Extender is safe to use and most importantly effective and will deliver the results you desire.

Doctor’s recommendations and approval of the Jes-Extender

Opinion of Jes-Extender: "During my many years as a practicing psychologist, I have come across countless cases where my male patients suffer from depression and anxiety due to their dissatisfaction with the size of their penis.

''Many men come to me in search of a solution to their insecurity and insufficiency; I too have been searching for a tool that I could recommend to my patients.

''The feelings of insecurity that men with small penises feel tend to accumulate and deepen over time.

''These feelings sometimes lead to depression and general sexual dysfunction, caused by the lack of security in one's ability to perform.

''In a sexual situation a man may find himself unable to perform due to his lack of confidence and conviction. This results in a less than satisfactory performance and lead to frustration on behalf of both the man and his partner.''

Jes-Extender approval “My research on the Jes-Extender has demonstrated an effective clinical device for the purpose of penis enlargement.

''With the quality of manpower, I was very interested in the effects a bigger penis had on my patients.

''The results that my patients have experienced show an increase in their self-esteem. Apart from greater confidence, these men have enhanced the size of their penises and are more willing to engage in sexual intercourse.

''This is good news for couples and also a necessary spark in helping revive sexual relations and intimacy.

''I would recommend the Jes-Extender to many of my patients.”

Jes-Extender opinion "As a qualified plastic surgeon, I sometimes meet patients that are insecure about the size of their penises.

''My patients ask me if surgery is the solution, in some cases it is, but I would always recommend trying alternative treatments before surgery.

''One of the treatments I recommend is a device for traction, the Jes-Extender. This is the only device that I trust since it’s been clinically tested and ranked as a number 1 medical device.

''Sometimes I'm asked if there is a cheaper device. I tell them that there are cheaper devices but they are not clinically tested, the quality is questionable and can be unsafe for use.''

Jes-Extender approval “Jes-Extender is the only device I would recommend to my patients since it’s made with 100% quality medical components, and is therefore safe.

''From the experience of my patients, I also know that it’s a very effective product.

''My patients have reported some excellent results, not only in length and thickness but also for curvature correction cause by Peyronie's disease.

''That’s the reason why, as a doctor, I give my approval and recommend this safe and effective product that is medically tested for adding inches to the penis."