Penis Enlargement

The need for penis enlargement

From the cave paintings depicting men with extraordinarily giant penises, to African tribal men hanging weights to their genitalia in hope of stretching it further. The concept of “the bigger, the better” has been in existence for ages. Fortunately for men in today’s era, the methods to increase penis size are much easier and safer to adopt.

A man’s penis size is seen as a symbol of his virility and sexual prowess, which is why most men dissatisfied with their organ size seek penis enlargement solutions. From the overabundance of size enhancement solutions, a technique that is widely accepted as one of the most effective methods to increase penis size is traction technology. Penis extender devices make use of traction technology to make their package grow naturally.

What is penis traction technology?

Penis traction technology is a non-surgical and painless technique to grow your penis. It's a much safer alternative to penis enlargement surgery, it also produces permanent results. Its clinically proven technology is even recommended by doctors and surgeons worldwide as a safe method to enlarge your penis.

How does penis traction force cause penis enlargement?

Penis traction is a steady gentle stretch force, which is applied to the penis shaft through the penis extender devices. This stretch force when constantly applied causes the blood cells in the shaft to divide and multiply. The growth in blood cells results in the growth of penile tissue thus, giving you an enlarged appearance.

The benefits of increasing penis size with Jes penis extenders

  • The penis enlargement extender use can be incorporated into any lifestyle. You simply have to fit the penis into the device and keep it on for the recommended number of hours.
  • The penis extender stays hidden under your loose trousers while continuing to provide you with enlargement benefits.
  • Using the Jes-Extender device just as recommended will increase penis size permanently.
  • No more forgetting to take your enhancement pills, extenders provide a much easier and convenient penis enlargement option.
  • Uses scientifically supported technology to produce the desired results.
  • An average increase in length caused by the Jes devices is of 24%. The girth on the other hand is an average of 19%. To experience such enhancement benefits, it is vital that you use the product as directed.
  • Safely increases penis size and should not cause any discomfort or undesirable side effects if used appropriately.

Your penis will continue to grow, if you continue to follow the Jes-Extender program for more than 26 weeks

Benefits that go beyond penis enlargement

  • Did you know that the increased blood activity caused due to the traction technology may even increase erection strength?!
  • Penis extenders are also a very popular method to combat Peyronie’s disease (mild curvature in the penis).

Penis enlargement care and safety

  • Do not use this penis enlargement device if your penis has wounds, cuts, infected areas or genital herpes.
  • Avoid using the device if your job is physically stressful. Also, avoid wearing it to bed if you roll excessively in sleep.
  • Do not worry if you gain an erection whilst using the extender. The device should automatically adjust according to the penis angle. But if it does not, simply remove the device and put it back on when the erection fades.
  • You should be over 18 years of age to be able to increase penis size with the extenders.
  • To ensure complete user safety, follow the instructional carefully when using this penis enlargement device.

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